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Criminal Investigations & Road Traffic Defence

Representing High Net Worth Individuals

What do our criminal defence lawyers do?

Whilst nobody ever expects to find themselves in the midst of a criminal investigation, the unfortunate reality is that these investigations often arise when you least expect it.

Having represented numerous high net worth individuals in all manner of criminal investigations and proceedings, including those that arise from incidents both inside and outside of the workplace, we are able to professionally and diligently steer you through these proceedings whilst maintaining the strictest confidence at all times. This includes situations where clients face allegations of:

  • Bribery
  • Computer misuse (including cyber-enabled offences on social media)
  • Domestic allegations
  • False accounting
  • Fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Mishandling pension schemes
  • Neglecting directors duties
  • Tax avoidance and
  • Other regulatory breaches

Represented by experienced criminal defence lawyers

Whether it be the police, Serious Fraud Office, HMRC, the pensions regulator, or other law enforcement body, it is imperative that you are represented by an experienced lawyer who can robustly defend your interests when called upon. We know, better than anybody, how such allegations have the capacity to cause catastrophic harm to you, your family, your livelihood, and your reputation.

Where there is a risk of adverse PR, we also have the nous to calmly handle this should it arise.

Road traffic defence

As part of our national offering, we also provide expert advice and representation to clients who are facing road traffic allegations where there is a serious risk that they will lose their driving license and, on occasions, their liberty. This includes situations where clients face allegations of:

  • Being in charge of a motor-vehicle whilst unfit
  • Careless driving
  • Causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Drink / drug driving
  • Failing to identify a driver
  • Failing to stop
  • Speeding
  • Use of a mobile whilst driving

At a time when speed cameras and related initiatives have never been so prevalent when it comes to the detection of road traffic offences, we also have a track record of successfully raising “exceptional hardship” and “special reasons” arguments in order to avoid an immediate disqualification.

Why choose our criminal investigations & road traffic defence legal services?

  • We are experienced in representing high net worth individuals such as managing directors, senior managers, and sporting professionals
  • We are criminal defence and road traffic defence specialists who pride ourselves on providing a “gold star” service to clients across the UK
  • We will represent your interests at an interview under caution whether this be at the police station or elsewhere in order to ensure that your rights are protected and to minimise the prospect of any criminal investigation progressing further
  • We will challenge bail conditions where these are a disproportionate restriction on your liberty as well as challenging similar restrictions on your money and other assets where these are frozen
  • Where a case proceeds to either the magistrates’ court or crown court, we will fiercely and diligently represent your interests, leaving no stone unturned to achieve the best outcome. This includes instructing expert witnesses who are leaders in their field as well as calling on the expertise of experienced counsel across the country
  • We handle media requests and draft press statements when required

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Notable Work

  • Representing a senior director who was investigated by the Police on suspicion of fraud by abuse of position following a series of complaints by a well-known Conservative MP
  • Representing a senior lawyer who, as part of a complex HMRC investigation involving numerous companies, was accused of helping establish various offshore trusts as part of a sophisticated tax avoidance scheme.
  • Representing a professional footballer who was accused of assault and coercive control whilst in a relationship with the director of a well known cosmetics company
  • Representing the Trustees of a pension scheme who were prosecuted by the Pensions Regulator after it was alleged that they had used pension monies to make prohibited employer related investments and also provided false information to the Regulator.
  • Representing a director who was investigated by various Police forces across the Country for making numerous fraudulent applications for business support grants during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Representing a managing director who was prosecuted by the HSE following a fatality involving an employee who was electrocuted whilst at work
  • Representing a director who was investigated by the Fire Authority for breaching fire safety legislation following a serious fire at one of his multi-occupancy residential properties
  • Representing a director who was prosecuted for causing death by careless driving following a fatal road traffic accident following a head on collision with a motorcyclist
  • Representing a managing director who successfully raised “exceptional hardship” in order to avoid an immediate ban due to the serious health issues of his elderly parents
  • Representing a director who successfully raised “exceptional hardship” in order to avoid an immediate ban due to the need of his young child to attend specialist classes due to learning difficulties
  • Representing a director who successfully challenged an allegation that he failed to identify a driver when requested to so by the Police on a technicality, thereby avoiding an immediate ban.
  • Representing a director who successfully challenged an allegation of speeding on the basis that there were serious concerns about the reliability of the reading provided by a handheld speed gun, thereby avoiding an immediate ban.


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