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Freeths X PIB Automotive Webinar Series

Driving Business change: de-risking your dealership for growth

Freeths X PIB have curated this webinar series to address some of the business-critical issues facing Automotive retail dealerships today.

According to recent reports, two-thirds of car dealers are worried about future margin erosion affecting their business and need to rethink their strategies to meet the changing marketplace. But what about those unforeseen risks that can easily damage the bottom line, your brand/reputation and future growth aspirations? These webinars will help you identify, prepare and manage future risk, mitigating any negative impact it may have on your business. Join us for one or sign up for the whole series.

FCA in the Automotive Sector: Being compliant and what is on the horizon

With the recent FCA focus on the motor sector, automotive dealerships need to be directing resources to the various reviews and reports that may impact you in 2024. We will provide an overview of the recent FCA review into the motor finance sector, including insight into FCA’s section 166 review into selected firms in the automotive sector. This webinar sets out the practical tips, predictions and how to prepare. 

Date: Tuesday 19th March 2024
Time: 12:00pm -1:00pm
Venue: Via Zoom

Prepare your Automotive business for significant changes in consumer law

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill (the “Bill”) signals a new era for consumer protection. It proposes major changes to the way in which businesses trade with their customers and how they will be regulated, giving the Competition and Markets Authority (the “CMA”) the power to issue huge fines against businesses that breach consumer law.

This webinar sets out the key changes that the Bill will make and how your automotive business can start preparing now.

Date: Tuesday 30th April 2024
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Venue: Via Zoom

Joining the AI Revolution – How Automotive Dealerships can protect their data

AI provides auto dealerships with exciting solutions to enhance their business and customer experience, including: better customer engagement and relationship management, personalised marketing to customers, smarter cross-selling/up-selling and operational optimisation. This all sounds great, but what about the challenges, particularly where UK GDPR is concerned? This webinar guides you through your data protection responsibilities (and how to meet them)

Date: Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Venue: Via Zoom

Cyber Crime and Cyber attacks in the Automotive sector – Preserving your brand and reputation

Car dealerships are prime targets for hackers eager to exploit weak security and access a treasure trove of financial data and gain access to third-party vendor supply chains. We discuss the areas of potential weakness including outdated IT infrastructure and insufficient employee training and focus on how you can protect your business. But what if a breach occurs? Would you know what to do? Would your team know what to do if you were uncontactable? We share including notifications, regulatory aspects, reputational management control as well as the potential litigation risks. This webinar helps you prepare a resilient strategy and advises what to do, should the worst happen.

Date: Wednesday 19th June 2024
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Venue: Via Zoom

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