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Defining Skilled Occupations Under the Skilled Worker Sponsorship System

Defining skilled occupations

If you are a UK employer who wants to recruit workers from outside the UK, you need to have a valid sponsor licence and offer them a job that meets the requirements of the Skilled Worker route. One of the key requirements is that the job must be in an eligible skilled occupation, as defined by the UK’s Immigration Rules.

What is a skilled occupation?

A skilled occupation is a job that requires a certain level of skill, knowledge and experience to perform. The UK government uses the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system to categorise jobs into various skill levels, ranging from RQF level 3 to RQF level 6. Jobs classified at RQF level 3 or above are considered skilled occupations. 

Businesses must ensure that the job roles they are offering fall within these skill levels. They need to accurately classify the positions they are recruiting for to determine eligibility under the sponsorship system.

Salary levels

Another important aspect of defining a skilled occupation is the minimum salary requirement. To be eligible for sponsorship, the job must meet or exceed the minimum salary threshold set by the Immigration Rules. The specific salary requirement varies depending on the job's SOC code, but it is essential for businesses to meet this financial criterion to sponsor a skilled worker.

Salary requirements can be reduced depending on the worker’s particular circumstances. 

How our immigration solicitors can help

Defining a skilled occupation under the UK immigration rules and the Skilled Worker Sponsorship System is a multifaceted process. Businesses must understand the skill level, salary requirements, and other eligibility criteria, while also navigating the necessary documentation and compliance with the law. By meeting these requirements, UK employers can effectively sponsor foreign skilled workers.At Freeths, we have a team of expert immigration lawyers who can help you with all aspects of defining a skilled occupation, applying for a sponsor licence and sponsoring skilled workers.

We can help you by:

  • Providing expert advice on the UK’s Immigration Rules
  • Classifying your job roles according to the SOC code.
  • Assessing the roles you’re looking to fill to ensure they satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Rules
  • Streamlining the immigration process, ensuring a smooth recruitment journey 

With Freeths as your trusted partner, you can confidently assess eligible roles for skilled worker applications, ensuring that your business complies with UK immigration regulations and successfully recruits the skilled talent you need. Our experienced immigration lawyers are ready to guide you through the process and provide the expert legal support necessary for a smooth and efficient hiring process.

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