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Ranked in Tier 1 for all family law matters

Our Expertise

Our expert divorce solicitor in Nottingham is ranked in the top tier for family law matters by The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. Recently, The Legal 500 praised our family team for giving “The quality of service that would be expected of a magic circle firm”. We are second to none providing legal advice for divorce and have more than 20 years’ experience in the market.

We can offer you high-quality divorce legal advice and representation equal to top UK firms, without the high cost. If you’re based in Nottinghamshire, give our friendly divorce lawyer a call to see how we can help you.

Through every stage of a separation or divorce, our approachable solicitors are there for you. We will help you to get your life back on track, using our extensive skill and knowledge. Our divorce solicitors offer the highest standards of professional representation – you can rely on us to be discreet and sensitive.


How much does it cost to get divorced?

A divorce can be quite straightforward unless the divorce is defended or there are difficulties in agreeing upon what ground the divorce is going to be based. . Most divorces cost in the region of £600 – £1,500 plus VAT depending upon the level of seniority of the lawyer dealing with the matters and the complexity of the issues. There is also a Court fee of £550.

The divorce process and paperwork does not deal with the financial issues nor any arrangements for the children.

How long does it take to get divorced?

An average divorce takes in the region of 3-6 months to complete, but we would not advise you to apply for Decree Absolute to finalise your divorce until the financial issues are resolved. In those circumstances the divorce can take longer to finalise meaning that Decree Absolute is not pronounced for 9 to 12 months, sometimes longer.

How will the assets be divided?

Once we have identified what the assets are with you, we will work with you and advise you about how to achieve a fair division of the matrimonial assets. We will review which of the assets are “matrimonial” and how these can be divided to meet the Section 25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1972 criteria which includes looking at what would be fair and just, reviewing your respective ages and assets, looking at the pension provision, reviewing any health issues either of you have and ensuring that the children and your own needs are met in so far as capital, housing, pension and income are concerned. There is no one answer about the division of assets and often there are several solutions that may work for you. This is an area of law where our advice will be very specific and detailed.

Is it worth having a prenuptial agreement?

The law regarding prenuptial agreements has developed over the last 10 years significantly. The Court are now, in light of developments in the case law, giving great weight to prenuptial agreements that satisfy the following criteria:-

a) Being signed at least 28 days before the marriage.
b) Both parties having had independent legal advice.
c) The agreement being based on full financial disclosure.
d) The agreement being fair and reasonable.

Any agreement that does not enable one party to meet their needs is unlikely to be upheld by the Court if there is a later divorce. Agreements that are fair and enable both parties to meet their needs stand a good chance of being upheld by the court.

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Do children always live with their mother?

Where children live following separation or divorce is for parents to agree. If parents cannot agree where the children should live and what is in their best interests, the Court can be asked to intervene. In deciding what order to be made the Court always keep the children’s welfare as their paramount consideration. This can be clarified by taking statements from the parties, obtaining independent reports from either a CAFCASS Officer or Social Services (or third specialist party). There is no presumption that children will live with their mother, and the Court presume that it is best for the children to have a relationship with both parents unless there is a risk of harm associated with that relationship continuing. Before going to court the Judge will have expected the parents to attend mediation to try to reach an amicable agreement unless for any reason mediation is deemed as inappropriate.

How can I keep my costs down?

If you are worried about the legal costs you are incurring it is worth thinking about the way in which your issues are being resolved. There are a number of alternative dispute resolution options which will keep you out of Court. Court can often be the most expensive way to try to resolve disputes. Mediation, collaborative practice and arbitration offer alternatives to the Court process which can be cost effective options.

If Court proceedings are the only option available to you, it is worth making sure that you use your lawyer for the most important issues and on points where legal assistance is clearly needed. Using your lawyer for emotional support is not sensible and using specialist help where this is appropriate will keep your legal costs down focusing instead with your lawyer on the legal issues that they can assist you with.

How do we sort out the arrangements for our children?

This can be done by the two parents sitting down and agreeing everything themselves, attending mediation, negotiating through solicitors or through a Court application if this becomes necessary. The arrangements can be detailed in a parenting plan or a Court Order. A court will not make any orders about children if the parents can agree matters between themselves.

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Our Process

We will put together the right divorce team for your case, helping you to achieve the best outcome. Our Nottingham divorce solicitor will be supportive and empathetic throughout your divorce.

Your appointed divorce solicitor will guide you towards the best outcome for you and your family. Dispute resolution such as mediation, collaborative law, solicitor-led negotiation or arbitration can be tried first to help keep you out of court. We aim to reduce costs and delays by resolving your divorce without the need for court proceedings.

Where court is the only option, our experienced divorce lawyers can be trusted to help and support you every step of the way. Complex cases involving business trusts and pension assets are our speciality. We use the knowledge of our tax, trust, property, employment and company lawyers to help you keep costs down, while at the same time providing you with the specialist advice complex cases require. Not all family law firms have the same strength of this divorce advice under one roof.

Why Choose our Nottingham Divorce Solicitors

  • We’re located close to Maid Marian Way and have parking options just a short walk away
  • Our lawyers are ranked by the official legal directories as one of the UK’s leading family law teams
  • We are renowned for avoiding costly litigation by reaching financial agreements, without the need to go to court
  • If your divorce needs to go through court, we will offer robust representation, support and clear advice throughout the process
  • We offer a range of competitive fees to suit your financial circumstances, while still offering city expertise


Nikki Aston

Nikki is a solicitor and a Director based at the Nottingham office. She joined Freeths in June 2022. She has over 19 years of experience and deals with all aspects of family law.

Her specialism is divorce and high net worth financial settlements, and she has a particular interest in cases which involve businesses, trusts, property portfolios and pensions.

She also deals with complex private law children matters, (with issues such as relocation, allegations of abuse, and parental alienation) pre and post nuptial agreements, civil partnership breakdown, and cohabitee property disputes.

Examples of family law cases by Nikki

  • Nikki advised a client in court proceedings which dealt with the finances following his divorce, defeating claims from his ex-wife, and preserving his significant business interests.
  • She also secured a capitalised lump sum order and clean break for a client who had a significant level of income thus releasing him from any ongoing or future obligations to his ex-wife.
  • Nikki deals frequently with cases upwards of £5m and works closely with her trusted professional network of advisers who include wealth planners, financial advisors, accountants and also life coaches/counsellors.

For further information about our Nottingham divorce solicitors, please contact Nikki Aston on 0345 030 5684 or submit a secure enquiry form.

Nottingham Divorce Solicitors

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