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Business Debt Recovery

Specialist business debt recovery lawyers

We offer a full debt recovery service which includes where necessary a pre-collection service through to the issue of proceedings and enforcement. We also issue insolvency proceedings for clients including the issue of statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions and winding-up petitions.

Bankruptcy – Issuing bankruptcy proceedings can be extremely effective in recovering undisputed debts. This involves serving the debtor a statutory demand, then issuing a bankruptcy petition if they do not respond.

Court Proceedings – If there is no response to a Letter Before Action, we can prepare and send proceedings to court within 24 hours. If there is no response, we can apply for a judgment to be entered on your behalf.

Enforcement of Judgments – We will advise on the best method for you. This could include instructing a bailiff, a charging order, a third party debt order, a statutory demand or an attachment of earnings order.

Foreign Debt Collection – We can help you track down debt in Ireland, Scotland and most of Europe.

Pre-Action Collection – On the day you instruct us, we will act fast to send a Letter Before Action that is tailored to your needs. We will also discuss what course of action is suitable if they do not respond.

Winding Up – Before we start this, we usually send a letter demanding payment or a statutory demand. If you don’t receive your debt, we can issue a winding up petition – which they will have to pay for.


Why choose our expertise

  • We treat your debt as if it were money owed to us, and we collect it as quickly as possible
  • You can draw on the additional expertise of our Dispute Resolution and Insolvency teams
  • We are approachable, friendly and always happy to discuss individual matters
  • You can rely on our good use of technology to ensure an efficient and reliable service
  • We won’t just collect your debts, we can increase your recoveries by working smarter

It is important to recover debts to avoid financial pressure of your business. We offer a range of services to help you do this and a highly skilled team of commercial debt recovery lawyers.

For many years we have offered a competitive quality debt recovery service for general debt matters. We also provide a personal service for difficult debts or where insolvency proceedings are appropriate. If required, we will provide periodic reports in relation to bulk recoveries or debt portfolios.

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