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International Trade within UK Education

It is a given that UK education is a highly regarded product in international markets. The importance of English as an internationally recognised second language combined with the reputation of our higher education institutes and schools and colleges systems provide valuable opportunities to develop the presence of an education business in overseas markets.

Our client base includes higher educations institutions with overseas interests, curriculum providers establishing relationships in overseas markets through the appointment of agents and distributors and IP and trademark lawyers supporting businesses in their protection of intellectual property across the globe.

Post Brexit the UK is back on the international stage negotiating and completing trade deals. Education features strongly in trade deals – including within the digitalisation agenda that is playing an increasing part in the deals struck. Our advisors are alert to the impact trade deals are intended to have enhancing trading relationships and can help you as ambition to tackle overseas markets grows within your business.

Clients can have concerns about what to do when relationships go wrong – disputes in the commercial and IP arena can be costly. Appointing the right law firm with international trade experience firstly reduces the risk of problems later and should they arise that firm can provide the best solution through the way dispute resolution tactics are deployed.

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Experience areas

  • Non disclosure agreements having effect on an international basis;
  • Appointment of sales agents;
  • Appointment of distributors/resellers;
  • Licensing arrangements;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Strategic partnering relationships;
  • Requirements to terminate existing agency and distribution relationships;
  • Advising upon disputes in areas such as confidentiality and exclusivity

How our Commercial Education team can help

Freeths’ commercial team has a strong track record in supporting projects internationally. We’ve taken the time to invest in an international network of law practices that assure the client of rapid access to local advice.

We can help make the connection and leave it to the client to liaise directly with the practice we nominate or stay involved to guide the client through the various steps involved which could involve establishing a local trading entity, securing trade mark protection in local markets, appointing an agent or distributor – and doing so understanding local laws that may exist to protect the interests of domestic citizens or businesses that develop international relationships.

Where we have helped previously:

Trade with Europe can be a challenge post Brexit

UK businesses with exportable products such as school furniture, publications and equipment for science labs are now faced with rules governing the process of exporting – and for the school purchaser additional rules and potentially costs as the importer. To navigate around this the appointment of a local distributor proved to be the short term solution for one client of Freeths – combined with arrangements for the stock holding of products within a European territory to make delivery to the end customer a simple and rapid procedure.

The business is now considering trading through an entity within the EU and Freeths has facilitated the connection with a source of local advice on incorporation and the impact of local tax rules.

Taking a successful UK business into the United States

A UK education business with products in the early years market found that it had interest from a School district in the US. The business had traded previously in that territory and now wanted to make a much more significant investment into the US to significantly increase market penetration.

Freeths first of all ensured that discussions took place with the Department for Business and Trade to ensure that there was visibility of the business within that Department and any access to local expertise could be taken advantage of.

Freeths then advised upon the appointment of a sales agent and assisted the company in identifying the best source of local advice  from within the Baker Tilly International Network the client also having the ability to draw upon other legal expertise required in US States that formed the initial target area for the business with, inevitably, requirements for local advice required in areas such as procurement rules, data protection and cyber security.

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