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Past Events Business Immigration 22nd Feb 2021, 10:30 to 1st Mar 2021, 11:30

Brexit Brunch Week – 22nd February – 1st March 2021

It is clear not all the demons regarding commercial enterprise and Brexit were realised on 31st December, and repercussions are still being felt. If your business has any connection with the EU, the chances are your trade is being affected, whether that be in terms of goods, people, data, supply chain, contracts and intellectual property. Worse yet, many organisations have not yet woken up to some of the impacts still to come.

In this Brexit Brunch week our experts take a look at the real life implications for UK business, talk about what we have seen in the marketplace, and take a look forward at what is yet to come. We begin with a high level overview around all topics, and then break that down to further webinars concentrating on specifics. You can pick and choose to attend one, or all, for free.

Overview – protecting your business post Brexit

Monday 22nd February 
10:30am – 11:30am
Watch back the full webinar here

Brexit Brunch week starts with a high level overview – giving you oversight of all the key impacts which may be felt by your business – including:

  • Goods/supply chain and FX risk
  • Contracts, risk and avoiding disputes
  • People – talent mobility
  • Data protection and transfer
  • Intellectual property – protecting value

Come and hear our panel of experts give a whistle-stop tour through the key Brexit impact points affecting every UK business. You may then decide to subscribe to a subsequent in-depth webinar, or all of them, to learn more on each topic.

Sally Jenkins – Chair, Principal Business Development Manager
Simon Barker, Partner, Head of Intellectual Property
Lindsey Clegg, Partner, Dispute Management
Luke Dixon, Partner, Head of Data Protection
Emma Brooksbank, Partner, Immigration
Iain Bowler, Partner, Head of Commercial

Data Protection under Brexit

Date: Tuesday 23rd February
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Watch back the full webinar here

Every business relies on data, but what does this mean under Brexit? What is the impact on data transfers to and from the EEA? Join data expert, Luke Dixon, as he discusses:

  • Data transfers to and from the EEA: Where are we now, and what happens next?
  • Appointing an EU Representative – Do you need to? How should you do it?
  • Selecting a Lead EU Supervisory Authority – Do you need to? How should you do it?
  • And not forgetting: Changes to Privacy Notices and DPO appointments.

Luke Dixon, Partner, Head of Data Protection

De-risking your supply chain and FX risk

Date: Wednesday 24th February
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Watch back the full webinar here

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought supply chain resilience to the top of the worry list for many people.

During the session our panel of experts will cover:

  • What has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on supply chain resilience;
  • A review of the economic events and market trends of 2020 and provide an outlook for 2021
  • Analysing post Brexit trade opportunities;
  • How you can minimise risk when trading internationally?
  • How to create a resilient supply chain and robust risk management strategy
  • Minimising FX risk to ensure stability & growth through the year ahead

Simon King – Chair, Director of Business Development
Iain Bowler, Partner, Head of Commercial
Chris Weeks, Senior Corporate Hedging Manager, Western Union Business Solutions
Mark Williams, Senior Channel Partnerships Manager, Western Union Business Solutions

Contracts, contract disputes and arbitration under Brexit

Date: Thursday 25th February
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Watch back the full webinar here

The legal landscape has changed under Brexit. How can you ensure your contracts are fit for purpose now? And has the law changed on resolving disputes? Hear our experts discuss:

  • What elements of Brexit are likely to impact your contracts? How cross-border trade has changed, how product regulation is affected, and the uncertainty as to what UK law will look like in the future
  • How can you deal with Brexit in contracts? Contractual mechanisms for allocating risk and responsibility, and for dealing with uncertainty
  • Practical management of contracts: how to manage business relationships and avoid disputes arising in the first place
  • The Brexit challenges in cross-European litigation: jurisdiction and enforcement.
  • What is arbitration and why is it a good idea, particularly in the light of Brexit?

Lindsey Clegg, Partner, Dispute Management

Global mobility – securing your workforce after Brexit

Date: Friday 26th February
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Watch back the full webinar here

Freeths immigration team are second-to-none, having advised many major UK plcs, universities and other institutions on securing talent, and having liaised with the Home Office on post-Brexit regulation. Join Emma, our immigration expert as she discusses:

  • Employment of European nationals – supporting current employees and considering future recruitment
  • Right to work checks post-transition and beyond
  • 2021 Immigration System
  • Frontier working
  • Business travel to the EU from the UK and to the UK from the EU

Emma Brooksbank, Partner, Immigration

Intellectual property and Brexit

Date: Monday 1st March
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Watch back the full webinar here

IP is often overlooked but it is often a business’s key value and needs effective protection. On our last in the series of Brexit brunch webinars, our experts will discuss:

  • Trade marks – protecting your brand
  • Design rights – protecting your packaging, get up or design as well as the shape and look of your products
  • Copyright – protecting written, musical or artistic works and software, and using content on social media
  • Drafting IP contracts post-Brexit
  • Exhaustion of IP rights
  • Geographical Indications
  • Customs: AFAs on imports and exports.

Simon Barker, Partner, Head of Intellectual Property
Iona Silverman, Partner, Intellectual Property

If you have any questions regarding these webinars, please get in touch with

Head to our Brexit Exchange where you will find all the latest updates and developments from our experts, regarding Brexit and how that affects businesses and individuals in a range of areas.

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