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Orthopaedic Claims

Supporting your clinical negligence claim

What is involved?

With an increasing number of orthopaedic injuries each year and over 70,000 hip fractures annually, hospitals are under pressure both to get the treatment right and to free up space quickly for the next patient. Unfortunately, things do not always go to plan – problems arising from orthopaedic treatment are on the rise.

Our solicitors have considerable experience in orthopaedic claims. They regularly deal with cases involving delay in diagnosis of fracture, problems arising during hip, knee or elbow replacement, wrong site surgery or lack of consent to surgery, post-operative infection, equipment malfunction, nerve damage, incorrect size of prosthesis, and delay in diagnosis of congenital hip dysplasia/developmental hip dysplasia.

As with most clinical negligence claims, problems arising from orthopaedic treatment are complicated by pre-existing medical problems or non-negligent injury that requires medical treatment.

Why choose Freeths?

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Freeths have helped a wide variety of people claim compensation for pain, suffering and loss of quality of life brought on by negligence.

We understand the frustration of a further injury that was not your fault, in addition to your original problem. To claim orthopaedic compensation, you will need to show that the treatment that you received was substandard and that this has had an adverse impact on your recovery.

Your life may continue to be affected by the negligence of a medical professional or orthopaedic surgeon long after the treatment or operation. Call us now to see how our orthopaedic negligence lawyers can help you.

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"Carolyn Lowe handles complex clinical negligence claims ranging from neonatal injuries and stillbirths to injuries suffered as a result of negligent orthopaedic surgery. Market sources say: ‘She does her job extremely well and makes everyone feel comfortable around each other’."


"We would recommend Freeths without hesitation and are indebted to them for everything they have done for us as a family.”

Notable Work

  • Problems arising from total hip replacement – Mr W underwent hip replacements on both hips, in separate operations. On each occasion he was led to believe that he was having a total hip replacement. He continued to suffer from problems with his hips and required several operations over the following years. The claim succeeded because Mr W understood that he was having a total hip replacement but in fact the surgeon used a different type of replacement which was not suitable for him. Had Mr W had a total hip replacement, he would not have developed complications and would have avoided the further surgery. Outcome: claim settled for £165,000.
  • Delay in diagnosis of fractured ankle – Mr P injured his ankle and went to the Accident & Emergency Department. He was told that he had suffered a torn ligament and his leg was put in a full plaster. The following week the plaster cast was removed and replaced with a tubigrip. When his symptoms did not improve he had an MRI scan which confirmed that he was suffering from a broken fibula and diastasis of his ankle, which had not been noticed when he first attended hospital. Major ankle reconstruction surgery was required and although he would have needed surgery even if the fracture had been recognised immediately, he would have made a quicker and better recovery if he had received the correct treatment at the outset. Outcome: settlement of £19,000 was achieved.
  • Equipment failure during orthopaedic procedure – Mr H was admitted to hospital for a left talar ankle fusion and left ankle replacement. During surgery a piece of equipment exploded into his ankle driving metal particles into the surrounding tissue. Outcome: claim settled for £12,000.
  • Delayed diagnosis of developmental hip dysplasia – It was alleged that C’s condition should have been diagnosed soon after she was born; however, her hip problem was not recognised for over a year. As a result of the delay in diagnosis, C required an arthrogram and closed reduction. Following this, she remained in a plaster cast for 12 weeks. Had C’s condition been identified at birth she would have only needed to wear a splint for 6 – 8 weeks. C made a very good recovery from her injury and was left with very slight weakness of her left leg. Outcome: settlement of £10,000 was achieved.

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