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What is involved?

Working for the public sector raises both complex and unique challenges. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers have the skills you need to guide you in understanding and then navigating this complex world of law and procedure. We work across the public sector with a focus on Local Authorities (including Combined Authorities), Education providers and Health, including NHS Trusts. We are pleased to be recognised by the Legal 500 and Chambers, with a ranking in all of the UK regions where we have a presence.

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We cover the full spectrum of legal work from advising on multi-million-pound regeneration schemes to grants for a community project. Our expertise covers the full breadth of all of the legal issues you are likely to face everything from multi-party investment partnerships to sensitive employment matters.


Why choose Freeths?

  • Our specialist lawyers have over 25 years’ experience of working for public sector
  • Many of our team have worked in-house or held non-executive positions in local authorities, NHS Trusts, school governing bodies and educational institutions
  • We are actively involved in working with over 200 public sector bodies which means we are across the latest developments in the sector
  • We offer a variety of training and other benefits to help public sector organisations operate at their best
  • You can rely on us to provide honest, jargon-free advice and to offer practical solutions

Nathan Holden - PartnerFor further information please contact:
Nathan Holden
Partner & Head of Local Government
T: 0345 077 9646


We understand the problems faced by the public sector during these tough economic times. You can trust us to help you achieve your objectives in a cost-effective way. Call our Public Sector lawyers to find out more.

NHS Approved Framework Supplier

We regularly assist with regeneration schemes, infrastructure, projects, planning, governance advice and compulsory purchase. In addition, we advise on establishing corporate structures, strategic partnering, subsidy control and procurement compliance advice and much more. Our considerable expertise in the Education sector includes advising on academy conversions, governance issues and practical issues such as construction.

We are well-placed to offer the full range of services you may need, drawing on a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over the years. We can help you to stay one step ahead, by sharing the latest know-how on new initiatives at both the local and national level. We pride ourselves on a highly responsive approach and are committed to providing straight-talking and pragmatic support where your interests are central to everything we do. Your peace of mind is our goal. Give us a call to find out more.

Who we work with

  • EM Lawshare
  • Crown Commercial Services Public Sector Legal Services
  • Kent County Council (KCS Procurement)
  • Cornwall Council
  • Orbis Public Law
  • Surrey Consortium of local authorities
  • North East Procurement Organisation
  • North West Legal Consortium
  • A number of London boroughs
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Nottingham
  • Loughborough University
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Trinity College, Oxford
  • University of Portsmouth
  • Chesterfield College
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College
  • East Sussex College
  • NHS Shared Services
  • NHS Property Services
Meet the team

Public Sector Lawyers

Philippa Dempster

Philippa Dempster
Managing Partner

0207 440 5841

Image of Patrick Adie

Patrick Adie

0345 050 3273

Iain Bowler

0345 030 5767

Paul Brailsford

0345 050 3676

Daniel Cuthbert

0345 026 7904

Tom Draper

Tom Draper

0345 404 4171

Ed Hall

Ed Hall

0345 073 8559

James Hart

0345 274 6811

Nathan Holden

0345 077 9646

Tom Johnson

0345 128 7974

Kim Jones

0345 166 6274

James Larmour

James Larmour

0345 017 1122

Rena Magdani

0345 272 5715

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell

0345 128 6997

Stephen Pearson

0345 274 6900

David Potter

0345 274 6819

Gillian Roberts

Gillian Roberts

0345 050 3611

Ian Rowson

0345 050 3627

Christopher Sing

0345 017 1345

Nick Sutton

0345 077 9567

Ian Tempest

Ian Tempest

0345 274 6818

Jude Mladek

0345 166 6304

David Quinn

0345 166 6277

Barry Sharples

0345 077 9609

Paul Bownes
Managing Associate

0345 404 4142

Isobel Callaghan

Isobel Callaghan
Managing Associate

0345 404 4175

Holly Chadwick
Managing Associate

0345 274 6821

Image of Maxine Chenoweth

Maxine Chenoweth
Managing Associate

0345 128 7961

Daniel McNally - Compliance and Regulatory Lawyer

Daniel McNally
Managing Associate

0345 030 5728

Emma Tringham
Managing Associate

0345 077 9608

Polly Wisner

Polly Wisner
Managing Associate

0345 050 3682

Ella Carroll
Senior Associate

0345 017 6020

Rachel Clack
Senior Associate

0345 272 5720

Public Sector

Emma Conwell
Senior Associate

0345 073 8396

Lorna Trimble
Senior Associate

0345 128 7966

Public Sector

Amy Weir
Senior Associate

0345 404 1725

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"The team were able to provide comprehensive advice to us and handle competently all the issues and challenges that arose. We felt that the team understood our needs and reflected these in the negotiations."

"Really committed to getting difficult deals done."

(NHS Trust)

"The services provided have met our requirements and have been delivered to agreed timetables. We have found Freeths' staff to be capable and responsive, with an understanding of the issues affecting the Higher Education sector. Their assistance in lease negotiation matters with difficult tenants deserves particular mention and the rapport built between us and Freeths in these matters has proved to be vital in the protection of the University’s interests."

"It is difficult to recall all of the very significant transactions that Freeths have helped us with but they have included one highly complex commercial transaction which was successfully completed to all parties’ satisfaction, to a ridiculously short timescale."

(Loughborough University)

‘The lawyers are very knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields and brought new and innovative ways of dealing with the issues.’

(The Legal 500, 2024)

"Strength in depth in quite a technical field (telecoms). Good understanding of how local authority projects work e.g. how seemingly minor problems can actually escalate quickly in a local authority context."

(The Legal 500, 2022)

A Public Sector client said "We’ve found members of the Freeths team very willing to engage with us and have constructive discussions.". Another client reported that "Nathan Holden and Gillian Roberts are a pleasure to deal with. Gillian’s pragmatic support, constructive challenge and good humour are particularly valuable."

(The Legal 500, 2021)

“The team at Freeths are always available and receptive to talking through issues and planning ways forward.” reports once source. Another interviewee praised the team: “Freeths are a responsive team who are always to hand. They have thorough knowledge in local government law and procedure which is key to providing an all encompassing service.”

(The Legal 500, 2021)

"The team is knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond."

(The Legal 500, 2020)

Notable Work
  • Creation of a new jointly-owned company to provide Building Control Services across Derbyshire on behalf of a group of District Councils.
  • Advising Milton Keynes Council on the historic acquisition of £32 million of land and property assets from the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA).
  • Advising Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council on two major town centre regeneration projects (£75 million), including making and promotion of CPOs.
  • Advising and representing NHS organisation in an unfair dismissal and disability discrimination claim.
  • Advising on a Section 2 NHS Act review into the criminal activity of a GP who had abused patients.
  • Advising Cambridge City Council on creation of the Cambridge Investment Partnership, a new public-private JV to provide a range of market and social housing, leveraging in a range of public and private funding.
  • Carrying out due diligence for significant income-generating investment purchases for a number of local authorities.
  • Creating and vetting new Governance agreements and drafting a revised contribution for a District Council.
  • Carrying out complex misconduct investigations on behalf of Local Authorities, both ‘Code of Conduct’ based and under internal procedures.
  • Advising Loughborough University on the “LUil” Project – a strategic project to procure a range of services to enable the smooth running of a new university campus – the Loughborough University Campus in Stratford, East London, a specialised site which will devote itself exclusively to the provision of taught Masters / PHD degrees for an international cohort of students.
  • Landau Forte Charitable Trust has 600 staff over 6 different sites. We were able to offer a cloud-based solution to provide vertical support across its entire organisation.
  • Converting a group of PFI schools into members of a Multi-Academy Trust.

Client service

‘Doing the right thing’ is at the heart of Freeths. Find out more about our excellent client service and the strong set of values that guide the way we work.

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