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Dispute Management

The result you want: faster, better, cheaper

What is involved?

We empower you to control the dispute rather than let it control you: results come faster, better, cheaper.

We are experts at resolving disputes whether by negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Working with us, and with our early case evaluation, you will know how likely you are to succeed, the anticipated costs and timescale, as well as the best and worst case scenarios.

We achieve success by having a 3-fold approach to the management of any dispute which involves Feasibility, Risk Specific Investigation and Delivery Stages. Our focus on earliest realistic closure is achieved and managed by financial modelling. This enables any client (claimant or respondent) to ask and answer 3 Key Questions at reasonable intervals during any dispute, namely “How Much”, “When” & “How”.

You will benefit from our insightful and commercial recommendations as regards strategy. Together we will agree our game plan, running alongside you every step of the way to manage your dispute – ensuring you always retain control.

Why choose Freeths?

  • Early case evaluation – an immediate view on prospects, costs and strategy
  • Insight at an early stage – deploying dispute strategy, you will benefit from our commercially relevant advice on options, enabling you to make fully informed investment decisions on your case
  • We achieve winning outcomes – working with you to map out the “win” scenarios for your business, and agreeing with you an action plan to achieve your objectives
  • We focus on efficiency, closure and cost effective solutions, rather than allowing process to accumulate unnecessary cost. We achieve this by deploying sophisticated project management techniques
  • As your trusted legal advisors, we will be with you every step of the way, managing your dispute and reporting to you in a way that works for your business
  • Our clients consistently return to us for support on their most complex and “high stakes” disputes



With key account clients with whom we have built trust-based relationships, we manage our cases through exception reporting – focussing on reporting in figures not words.

  Legal 500, 2020 Top Tier Firm Freeths LLP 

We use financial cost plans, and financial predicted outcomes so that client decisions are made at all times on the expected ROI, underpinned by CBA information. These factors, coupled with our natural price arbitrage when compared to other “National & International” law firms, means that we consistently deliver the results our clients deserve cheaper than others in the market.

Should you want your case funded, we have long and trusted relationships with litigation funders. However, we put our money where our mouth is and where appropriate we will share some or all of your costs risk.

Who we work with

Meet the team

Dispute Management Lawyers

Waseem Ahmed- Commercial Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Waseem Ahmed

0845 404 4116

Emma Anderson, Director

Emma Anderson

0845 272 5712

Simon Baigent, Partner

Simon Baigent

0845 274 6903

Clare Bellis, Director

Clare Bellis

0186 578 1058

Jonathan Bennett

0845 126 4381

James Berry

0114 263 9483

Dispute Management

Guy Berwick

0845 050 3661

Richard Beverley, Manageing Partner - Birmingham

Richard Beverley
Managing Partner

0845 634 2577

Adam Boyd, Senior Associate

Adam Boyd
Senior Associate

0845 271 6773

Paul Brown, Associate

Paul Brown
Senior Associate

0186 578 1020

Mark Brown, Partner

Mark Brown

0845 271 6764

Jill Carey, Director

Jill Carey

0845 634 2548

Henry Clappison
Senior Associate

0845 634 2571

Christopher Clayton, Solicitor

Christopher Clayton

0845 166 6308

Lindsey Clegg, Partner

Lindsey Clegg

0845 030 5793

Richard Coates, Partner

Richard Coates

0845 128 7972

Duncan Crine, Partner

Duncan Crine

01865 781 054

Charles Darby, Partner

Charles Darby

0116 248 1114

Andrew Dashwood-Begg, Senior Associate

Andrew Dashwood-Begg
Senior Associate

0186 578 1021

Ciaran Dearden
Senior Associate

0114 263 9438

Philippa Dempster, Managing Partner - London

Philippa Dempster
Managing Partner

0845 050 3203

Emma Dorman - Private Litigation Solicitor

Emma Dorman

0845 274 6880

Gary Duffey- Commercial Dispute Lawyer

Gary Duffy

0845 404 4189

Tristan Duncan - Commercial Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Tristan Duncan
Senior Associate

0845 166 6301

Mark Emery, Partner

Mark Emery

0186 578 1079

Nichola Faith, Associate

Nichola Faith

0845 404 1756

Richard Fitzmaurice commercial litigation associate

Richard Fitzmaurice
Senior Associate

0845 274 6892

Jade Flint, Associate

Jade Flint
Senior Associate

0845 050 3698

Sarah Foster - Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Sarah Foster
Managing Partner

0186 578 1055

Matt Fraser
Senior Executive

0845 634 2563

Rachel Gaffney, Director

Rachel Gaffney

0115 935 1860

Adam Gibb

0845 077 9636

Mike Gilmour, Partner

Mike Gilmour

0845 274 6944

Graham Greenfield, Partner

Graham Greenfield

0845 274 6904

Stephen Hadley-Commercial Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Stephen Hadley

0845 077 9609

Joseph Hale - Construction Lawyer

Joseph Hale

0845 030 5759

James Hartley, Partner & National Head of Dispute Resolution

James Hartley

0845 077 9581

Dean Hill - Litigation Lawyer

Dean Hill
Senior Associate

0845 404 1740

Robert Hill - Private Litigation Lawyer

Robert Hill
Senior Associate

0845 274 6924

Simon Hobbs, Partner

Simon Hobbs

0190 835 0200

Carl Holmes, Senor Associate

Carl Holmes
Senior Associate

0845 274 6910

Jonathan Jefferies, Partner

Jonathan Jefferies

0845 272 5670

Beth Jenkins, Associate

Beth Jenkins
Senior Associate

0845 077 9657

Jennie Jones

0845 030 5734

Victoria Jones, Associate

Victoria Jones

0845 272 5721

Raymond Joyce, Consultant

Raymond Joyce

0845 634 2578

Mark Keeley, Partner

Mark Keeley

0845 274 6875

David Keenan
Senior Associate

0845 1666 325

John Kelly - Construction Lawyer

John Kelly

0845 050 3687

Petya Koycheva

0845 128 6979

Sajjid Kurmani

0845 166 6312

Lloyd Lane, Solicitor

Lloyd Lane

0845 404 1730

Lim Li Yen

Li Yen Lim
Senior Associate

0845 050 3668

David Marsden - Property Litigation Partner

David Marsden

0845 404 1757

Joshua Middleton, Solicitor

Josh Middleton

0845 128 7955

Amy Morley, Partner

Amy Morley

0845 050 3669

Chloe Oram, Solicitor

Chloe Oram

0845 030 5801

Mukesh Patel - Commercial Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Mukesh Patel
Managing Partner

0845 272 5710

Charles Powell - Compliance Lawyer

Charles Powell

0845 274 6921

Imogen Randall, Senior Associate

Imogen Randall
Senior Associate

0845 077 9582

Will Richmond-Coggan - Dispute Management Lawyer

Will Richmond-Coggan

01865 781 004

Tom Savage

0114 263 9472

Mona Schroedel - Disupte Resolution

Mona Schroedel
Senior Associate

0186 578 1057

Tristan Sharples - Commercial Dispute Management Lawyer

Tristan Sharples

0845 271 6737

Rosalyn Shephard, Associate

Rosalyn Shephard

01865 781 023

Laura Turner - Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Laura Turner

01865 781237

Paul Tomkins, Partner and Head of Real Estate Litigation

Paul Tomkins

0845 050 3260

Zalena Vandrewala, Senior Associate

Zalena Vandrewala
Senior Associate

0845 077 9613

Tracy Watson, Debt Recovery Manager

Tracy Watson

0845 272 5671

Vickie Williams, Director

Vickie Williams

0845 274 6841

Alison Willis
Senior Associate

0845 404 4112

Louise Wilson, Partner

Louise Wilson

0845 073 8583

Rachael Yates Partner

Rachael Yates

0845 077 9578

Related news

Sources say "The litigation team at Freeths LLP is very personable, easy to work and communicate with, and combines good team spirit with a competent professional approach to issues.' A client notes that they provide "clear advice, unwavering support, genuine interest in the client's business, unprompted updates and engagement."

(The Legal 500, 2020)

"Philippa is regarded as a Leader in the field of Dispute Resolution by Chambers and Business Experts. Sources say the ‘absolutely excellent’ Philippa Dempster provides an ‘amazing service for her clients’."

"Thank you for your efforts this week. In a world where law firms experience bad press and excellent customer service is rare, it is refreshing to see an organisation that is proactive and able to exceed expectations; you have clearly managed both."

(Managing Director/Owner of Winston Joinery Group)

"At Freeths, managing partner Mukesh Patel leads the commercial litigation practice, which continues to act for national and international clients in a wide range of mandates, including construction, insurance, and financial services disputes, as well as property litigation and insolvency litigation."

(Chambers & Partners, 2019)

Sources say that the team "punches above its weight" in the field of litigation. Interviewees further report that the team is "diligent and on top of things."

(Chambers & Partners, 2019)

"...vast depth of experience and knowledge together with his calm and considered demeanour inspires complete confidence in his abilities."

(The Legal 500, 2019)

"Freeths LLP has excellent technical skills and awareness of the law, combined with a practical approach to cases and a very pragmatic approach to solving the problem at hand and finding the solution for the client." Sources say that "Freeths LLP is an excellent choice for anyone (claimant or defendant) who requires advice or representation in commercial disputes, whether in Yorkshire or indeed nationally."

(The Legal 500, 2020)

An impressed client describes the firm as "a very competent regional firm with an excellent level of accessible capabilities," and adds that "in terms of client relationship skills, Freeths stand out as particularly good." Another interviewee reports: "The team is well balanced and delivers a solid service."

(Chambers & Partners, 2020)

Sources say the group is "an impressive, full-service firm with a broad and solid litigation offering." Another interviewee says: "All the lawyers are very easy to work with and are very responsive. It is a very well-organised firm with good expertise in many areas."

(Chambers & Partners, 2020)

The team is highlighted for being "very effective and client-oriented." The lawyers also impress clients with their "dedication and attention to detail."

(Chambers & Partners, 2020)

Notable Work
  • Successfully defended Eurobet UK Ltd in a claim in the High Court for £650k, made by an on-line Italian gambler. The large win by this gambler was the result of a software ‘bug’. The case, which was widely reported in both the national and international media, made The Telegraph’s Top 10 biggest computer failure cases that year.
  • Acting for Philips Electronics and Philips Pension Trustees in bringing £300 million claims against Aon Hewitt and AllianceBernstein, for the negligent design and implementation of the pension fund’s investment strategy in 2007. The claim follows on from an earlier claim for £100 million, which Louise acted on against Hewitt in relation to actuarial negligence, which settled successfully following a second mediation.
  • Defending a substantial claim issued in the High Court in London relating to the supply of defective fabric by a Turkish company. The case involved a complex paper trail and issues such as security for costs. We had to adopt a robust defence and pursue security for costs, because the claim was spurious and because of its impact on a family run business with many High Street retailers.
  • Acting for multiple claimants in a shareholders’ dispute involving a detailed analysis of director’s fiduciary duties in relation to 40% of the equity (with an estimated value of £80 million) in a maritime engineering and naval architecture company in the High Court’s Chancery Division. The case settled on very favourable terms to our clients.
  • Currently advising several hundred Sub-postmasters in a High Court Group Action against Post Office Ltd in relation to the Horizon accounting software.
  • Acted for Developer threatened with suspension and termination by Design & Build Contractor in works relating to the refurbishment of office premises to residential use. Contractor in delay, fire safety issues to be resolved. Contractor claimed over £2 million. Developer client could not afford to terminate Contractor, however strong the case, because of the longstop date exposure to funders. Dispute resolved by contract variation on “nuisance” terms within 26 days of instruction.
  • Mediated in a dispute concerning breach of fiduciary duty against the First Defendant; a debt claim against the Second Defendant and a Petition for relief under s.994 of the Companies Act 2006. The issues in the matter were complex but we were able to achieve a settlement on the day of the mediation.
  • Acted for two clients who were due to inherit the deceased’s residuary estate; worth £1.5 million. This was in connection with defending a challenge to the validity of the deceased’s last will on the grounds of lack of capacity and want of knowledge and approval. We secured a very favourable settlement for them, where the disputed will was admitted to probate.
  • Successfully resisted a £2 million+ unusual mutual wills case, where it was alleged that because of that mutual will, our client held his late wife’s estate on trust for the claimant (a non-family member). Complex company and estate issues arose, given (i) our client’s 100% shareholding in estate companies and the claimant’s position as director in them; and (ii) the fact that our client and the claimant were joint executors of the late wife’s will. A settlement was reached prior to trial whereby a small % of the £2 million was paid, including costs.
  • Acting for a Nigerian oil corporation in ICC proceedings involving complex jurisdictional and res judicata issues. This involved successfully convincing the Tribunal to find that no jurisdiction existed for the Claimant to bring the claim, bringing the international and domestic arbitration actions issued against her client to an early conclusion.

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‘Doing the right thing’ is at the heart of Freeths. Find out more about our excellent client service and the strong set of values that guide the way we work.

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