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What is involved?

Bricks and mortar influence all businesses. With a web of ever-changing rules and regulations in the real estate industry, staying ahead of the game is essential. You could be looking for anything from selling a portfolio of properties, to advice about a development or what to do about a distressed property. Whatever the requirement, you need market-savvy people, with a wide range of expertise to match your unique situation and who just “get it”.

No matter what sort of real estate you are dealing with or what you want to do with it, Freeths offer a highly capable team of specialists who will “get it”. With the latest industry know-how at our fingertips and a spread of experts across all real estate types, we take a commercially-minded approach to get your real estate deal done for less.

Why choose Freeths?

  • A powerful team of over 140 Real Estate lawyers, combining their knowledge to achieve success
  • We’re renowned for our clear explanations, quick responses and first-class personal service
  • We take a commercial (not confrontational) perspective to save you time and money
  • Our combined experience and extensive skills prepare us for tackling the most exacting projects
  • We’re consistently ranked as market leaders by independent guides to the legal profession

Call our experienced Real Estate team now to find out how we can help you.

Whatever area you are looking for assistance with, we offer a complete, practical and solutions-based service. Because we advise both public and private sector clients, as well as investors and end-users, we are able to see things from all sides. You can rely on our experience to help avoid potential issues arising. Freeths are well established within the UK real estate market and provide more than just legal advice.

We’re widely respected in the field, with many of our partners independently recognised as Real Estate experts, but we aim to think around your needs to ensure we become your trusted business advisors, not just your lawyers.

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Meet the team

Real Estate Lawyers

Simon Abbott

0845 272 5734

Patrick Adie
Senior Associate

0845 050 3273

Masood Ahmed

0186 578 1205

Christopher Ainsworth

0845 271 6757

Mohammed Ali

0186 578 1233

Bahar Aminzadeh

0845 050 3208

Frances Astbury

0845 050 3207

Peter Baker

0845 017 7009

Mitchell Ball

0845 077 9675

Liz Banks

0845 030 5744

Claire Bennett
Senior Associate

0845 274 6826

Richard Beverley
Managing Partner - Birmingham

0845 634 2577

Adam Boyd
Senior Associate

0845 271 6773

Mark Brown

0845 271 6764

Katherine Burge

0186 578 1081

Louise Burnett

0845 050 3674

Nicola Burrowes

0845 271 6787

Shashi Chambers

0845 271 6770

Maxine Chenoweth

0845 128 7961

James Christian

0845 077 9639

James Clamp

0845 050 3645

Jenny Cooper

0845 128 6988

Richard Crosland

0845 030 5821

Laura Czapski
Senior Associate

0186 578 1168

Heather Davies

0845 050 3619

Iain Davis

0186 578 1144

Christopher Dickinson

0186 578 1242

Sepideh Doostgharin

0186 578 1218

Sarah Duffy

0186 578 1147

Alexa Dunkley

0845 030 5784

Donna Ennis

0845 128 7976

Tristam FitzHugh
Senior Associate

0845 274 6825

Ben Gant

0845 077 9654

Thomas Golding

0845 050 3647

Mark Gradwell

0845 050 3602

Nicola Grange
Senior Associate

0845 050 3648

Karen Grant
Senior Property Executive

0845 050 3603

Sarah Griggs

0845 128 6989

Julie Grimble

0845 077 9625

Matthew Grocock

0845 050 3635

Nikki Guest

0845 030 5733

Karen Hargrave
Senior Associate

0845 050 3665

Fiona Harrison

0845 271 6727

James Hart

0845 274 6811

Katie Hatch

Laura Hodgson
Senior Associate

0186 578 1060

Kate Hogg

0845 030 5770

Monika Schiavone

0133 254 6142

Luke Hopkins

0845 166 6317

Heloise Horton
Professional Support Lawyer

0845 050 3654

Lucy Jackson
Senior Associate

0845 404 1739

Balvinder Jaj

0186 578 1063

Beth Jenkins

0845 077 9657

Lucy Johnson
Professional Support Lawyer

0845 128 7977

Rachel Jones
Senior Associate

0845 073 8394

Benjamin Jones
Senior Associate

0845 274 6920

Eleanor Kerr

0845 271 6731

Atiyya Khaliq

0845 050 3604

Sophie Komisarczuk

0845 274 6833

David Laurence
Senior Associate

0845 128 6982

Serra Lee

0845 271 6761

Samantha Leigh

0186 578 1155

Stephen G Lewis

0845 274 6842

Eleanor Long

0845 166 6303

Max Marrison

0845 017 8382

David Marsden

Michaela Mason
Senior Associate

0845 050 3660

Claire Matthews

0845 050 3613

Frances McKinnon
Senior Associate

0845 274 6857

Louise Mee
Senior Associate

0845 274 6890

Robert Morris

0845 077 9655

Andrew Nichol

0845 166 6316

Sarah Norton

0845 050 3600

Sam Pancholi

0845 274 6848

Desh Patel
Senior Associate

0186 578 1143

Ian Payne

0845 050 3626

Hayley Payton
Senior Associate

0845 128 7986

Clive Pearce

0845 128 6990

Helen Pearson

0845 077 9568

Ben Pickup

0845 272 5684

Anna Power
Senior Associate

0186 578 1148

Vicky Pritchard
Senior Associate

0845 050 3609

Isobel Radford

0845 050 3610

Andrew Rathi

0845 274 6923

Kishen Ravalia
Senior Associate

0845 077 9659

Gary Reynolds

0845 274 6821

Janet Rhodes

0845 272 5682

Gillian Roberts

0845 050 3611

Emma L Roche
Senior Associate

0845 404 4170

Jennifer Roe

0845 404 1735

James Rowe

0845 274 6827

Ian Rowson

0845 050 3627

Harjit Saund

0845 272 5736

Roxane Savage

0845 274 6940

Emna Sfar-Gandoura

0845 274 6917

Catherine Sharpe

0845 077 9647

Lauren Shaw

Lauren Shaw

0186 578 1080

Amjad Sheikh

0845 634 1727

Sam Shepherd

0845 272 5681

Adel Shetty
Senior Associate

0845 128 6994

Danielle Sinclair

0845 030 5798

Leo Skinner

0845 271 6755

Natasha Sladen

0845 166 6270

Jon Smart

0845 050 3650

Bridget Smith
Senior Property Executive

0845 274 6893

Kwesi Spencer

0845 274 6889

Matt Stephens
Senior Associate

0845 073 8558

Ciara Sweeney
Senior Associate

0845 404 4134

Mike Taplin
Managing Partner - Derby

0845 274 6810

Dilys Taylor
Senior Associate

0845 050 3628

Ian Tempest

0845 274 6818

Matthew Thompson

0845 030 5740

Julia Thurston
Senior Associate

0845 271 67582

Ishaak Ugradar

0845 050 3686

Valerie Warman

0845 271 6769

Adam Watson

0845 050 3630

Patrick Whetter

0186 578 1145

Adrian White

0186 578 1151

Alexandra White

0845 634 2544

Elizabeth Wildhaber
Senior Property Executive

0845 274 6865

Richard Williams

0845 030 5737

Darren Williamson
Partner & National Head of Real Estate

0845 634 1742

Edward Wilson
Senior Associate

0845 030 5739

Ian Wilson
Senior Associate

0845 077 9566

Guy Winfield

0845 050 3631

Caroline Wofinden

0845 274 6862

Kelly Wood
Senior Associate

0845 274 6864

Related news

"Clients needs are of paramount importance to the 'exceptional' team at Freeths LLP, which combines 'strong commercial sense and significant knowledgebase and resources' with 'a can-do attitude'."

(The Legal 500, 2017)

"Distinguished team active in a wide range of sectors, including healthcare and care homes, regeneration projects and retail. Strength in both public and private sector property work, and notable experience in areas such as distressed property and fund management."

(Chambers & Partners, 2018)

"Darren Williamson is a 'strong leader' who 'makes deals happen' and specialises in portfolio management matters as well as assisting occupiers, developers and funds with commercial development projects, particularly in the retail sector."

(The Legal 500, 2017)

"Gary Reynolds is particularly known for his residential development work. He advises promoters, developers and house builders on all aspects of major projects, and also deals with matters related to social housing. Sources say: 'He's a calm hand at the tiller when you need one'."

(Chambers & Partners, 2018)

"Michael Taplin is managing partner of the firm's Derby office. He is well regarded for his extensive experience in all kinds of commercial and residential property development. Clients consider him 'very impressive' and peers comment on his strong local presence. He is described by market sources as 'a very practical lawyer'."

(Chambers & Partners)

"Not only does Mr Williamson provide sound legal advice, which one obviously expects, but also such advice is afforded with a genuine appreciation of the commercial context in which the advice is given. This is invaluable. I would recommend no other ahead of Mr Williamson."

(Jason Davis, Director, Quora group of companies)

"Paul Smith likes to adopt a relaxed but professional approach to business. Richard fits into this style with ease and consistently provides us with sound commercial advice."

(Ashley Long, Managing Director, Paul Smith Ltd)

"Sarah has acted for Hotel Chocolat for over ten years on most of our property requirements. Sarah is first class, professional, completely trustworthy and I can always rely on her to get the deal done quickly and efficiently."

(Peter Harris, Co-Founder & Development Director of Hotel Chocolat)

"Jon and his team at Freeths know this sector well and having used them in a former logistics role I knew they would deliver. Having been told that other deals on DIRFT had taken many months in legals, we were delighted that Jon helped us exchange this significant deal for the business in a few weeks."

(Rupert Nichols, legal director and company secretary of Eddie Stobart Limited)

"Guy is one of the two lawyers that carries out the majority of real estate acquisitions and sales for Chancerygate or lead the teams that do. He is hard working and has a strong understanding of our business to the point he is not seen as a consultant to us but in practice an extension of our business. He provides a best in class service with the ability to respond to matters very quickly, accurately and efficiently and has a skill of thinking laterally and ‘outside the box’ often keeping deals alive and finding solutions to problems that would otherwise make a deal not happen."

(Eddie Cook, Managing Director of Chancerygate)

Notable Work
  • Eddie Stobart’s purpose-built 420,000 square foot rail-connected distribution centre at the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) and 300,000 new build facility at Carlisle Airport – and leasehold acquisition of their large Widnes Multimodal Port site with rail facility.
  • Acting for Aldi on their acquisition programme in the South East of England. This includes the acquisition of existing retail space and developer-led retail park sites and there have been a significant number of sites secured over the past 3 years.
  • Registering several landmark university buildings in Nottingham city centre, including the Newton, Arkwright, Waverley, Maudslay and Bonnington Buildings.
  • Acting on the acquisition of a site for £10 million comprising of 2 office blocks let to tenants and post-acquisition advising client on redevelopment of the site for student accommodation.
  • Acting for Chancerygate, an industrial developer, on various industrial purchases, sales and forward fundings.
  • Led a number of large/complex Real Estate projects to include the acquisition and development of a large residential led sites, representing Developers and landowners in large scale Promotion Agreements, to include town centre extensions and the acquisition of Shopping Centres on behalf of institutional investors and Local Authorities.
  • Advising Bellway Homes Limited in relation to the sales of new-build residential properties as part of the major 15 year, £1.8 billion regeneration of North Solihull.
  • Acting for Henry Davidson Developments Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Development Securities Plc) in relation to the development of a district centre involving the HCA and 3 national residential developers and a national food store operator and negotiating the structure in relation to the timing of carrying out of the development and managing the associated risks identified.
  • The purchase of a site at Heathrow Airport for development of a Travelodge hotel.
  • Advising a prestigious national chocolate retailer for over 10 years managing all of their retail property requirements across high streets and shopping centres and train stations including their first restaurant at Borough Market.
  • The acquisition of the Kiddington Estate for a sum in excess of £23 million. Including 1,500 acres of agricultural land, some 35 estate houses and cottages (including the majority of the village of Kiddington), commercial business premises totalling over 6,000 square feet, as well as an in hand farming enterprise, tenanted farm and woodland.
  • Advising global manufacturer of healthcare devices on phased relocation from existing office and warehouse distribution facilities to 3 newbuild sites.
  • Acting for European funds on the purchase of investment properties in Oxford Street and Bond Street, the West End in the capital city for values of circa £160 million.
  • Advising on the acquisition of an office building in London. The client was a “special purchaser” as it owned the adjoining building. Negotiations were protracted as there were a number of issues with the building and it took over a year to complete the deal.

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‘Doing the right thing’ is at the heart of Freeths. Find out more about our excellent client service and the strong set of values that guide the way we work.

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